Lawn Fertilization

Lawn, Tree, and Shrub Fertilization

“Very happy with your service.”

– G.C.

Lawn Fertilization
If you’d like to keep your lawn lush, green, and thick this year, you’ve come to the right place. DeClark’s is known throughout the metro Detroit area of Michigan for our unique ability to keep our customers’ grass green and healthy all year long. DeClark’s Landscaping will custom tailor a program to fit your property so your lawn will get the balanced nutrients it needs to sustain health and vigor over time. We also offer preventative grub and surface insect control. Our fertilizing technicians also take the time to monitor your lawn and leave you a descriptive review upon each application

Tree and Shrub Fertilization
We offer many different programs from monitoring or integrated-pest management to seasonal fertilization and pest programs. Obviously, with many different types of plants, trees, and pest these programs are adjusted to fit your needs.

Core Aeration
Want to take your lawn to the next level and make your neighbors jealous? Just ask about our core aeration services. Core aeration helps critical air, moisture, and fertilizer get down to the primary root structure of your grass. This reduces the thatch build-up and soil compaction that is strangling your lawn.

Perimeter Pest Control
Do you hate those creepy crawlers and spiders hanging around your door and windows? Want to reduce the amount of those pests invading your home? This service will drastically cut down on the number of unwanted pests you find in your home.

Mole/Vole Control
Are you tried of holes and trails in your yard? We have a solution that specifically targets those pests. This means you no longer have to put unwanted, harmful insecticides all over your lawn to control one critter.

So if you want the kind of lush, green, healthy lawn that makes the neighbors go “WOW!” – contact us today!