September: Fall is Here!

by Bryan Lingemann, Grounds Maintenance Supervisor

Fall is here! For some of us, that means apple or pumpkin picking,FCU SCU Banner Halloween, and cool nights with hot chocolate or cider. For the rest of us, fall means having to tear out our summer landscape, shutting the windows for the year, and packing up the boat after one last ride. Regardless of whether you love or hate autumn, there’s still some important items that need to be taken care of before we start to brace for snow and winter.

  • Irrigation Winterization: Properly blowing out your system with high pressure to ensure that there is no damage to broken heads, lines, or pipes once we hit freezing temperatures. Repairs to irrigation systems that are not properly winterized or unwinterized can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.
  • Fall Clean-Up: Once all the leaves are down and the perennials have gone dormant, it is time to do the final clean-up of your yard. Cut back your perennials to allow new growth in the spring, pick the leaves up off the ground to avoid fungus growth, and cut your lawn short to initiate dormancy.
  • Aeration: Fall is a great time to aerate your lawn. Aeration improved airflow, water intake, root growth, and relieves soil compaction. Also, aeration combined with overseeding in some stressed or thin areas at this time of year will allow for those areas to bounce back just in time for spring.

Doing these tasks can create a healthy environment for your plants and lawn come spring. DeClark’s can help you with all these items, give us a call at 586-752-7200!