May: Why Design Fees?

by Laura, Landscape Design & Sales, Master of Landscape Architecture

A common question I hear is ‘Why do you charge design fees? I’ve gotten free estimates before why can’t you do the same.” This is a legitimate question. If some people are offering a service for free why should you pay for it? As cliché as it sounds, the old saying stands true – You get what you pay for.

Every house is different, every design is unique. Understanding and appreciating that takes time and knowledge. A design fee insures that you are not getting a run of the mill, off the shelf design. Good design and creative solutions take time. Companies who do not charge for design, are naturallyMay Picture more tempted to throw something together quickly. Paying for the design ensures that there is time spent creating a landscape that will work for you.

When you pay for a design with DeClark’s, you are paying for someone with knowledge of landscaping materials to take the time to come to your home, meet with you, discuss your need and wants, and get to know you and what you are looking for . We will then measure and assess your property, always looking out for ways bring it to its full potential. Back at the office, we create a design that is tailored to you and your site. We will then come back to your home and walk through everything that we have done, explaining why we have done it, and why we think it will work. We then listen to your feedback. We suspect that you are going to like it, but we are not going to say ‘this is your design, take it or leave it’. If there are things you would like to change, we work with you until you are happy.

Companies who do not charge a design fee are looking to get things done fast. We are looking to get things done right.

Your landscaping is an investment, not just another bill. This is your home, you don’t want to mess around, get what’s cheap, and end up disappointed. Take the time, make the investment, and work with DeClark’s to install your ideal landscape.