April: Planning for Landscaping

by Shelby, Admin Assistant & Social Media Manager

Last month we talked about prepping your existing landscape for summer, but what if you’re looking to renovate your existing landscape or install new landscape?  Here’s some tips to know when calling for a quote or meeting with a design team!

Plan Ahead – Looking to have your renovation done by a certain point in the summer?  Calling early in the season will April Picturegive you and your designer optimal time to plan and create.  It can also insure that your project is finished by your summer party or any other backyard event.

Budget – Landscaping can range from simple to intricate, low cost to expensive.  Having an idea of what you’d like to spend can help your designer pick out plants and materials that will not only look great, but also fit into your budget.

Likes/Dislikes & Ideas – Let your design team know what you like and don’t like for landscaping.  This insures that you’re happy with the work they’re designing.  If you have some ideas, let them know, they may be able to work them into the plan.  If you don’t, have no fear, that’s what the designer is there for.

Preparedness – Be prepared for the process.  Depending on the complexity and size of the work, it can take weeks from the first meeting to first design to project start to project finish.  After everything is completed, however, the beauty and joy your new renovation will bring will make up for it.

Renovating or installing landscape can be a fun and exciting time.  DeClark’s Landscaping loves to create and build landscaping so our customers can enjoy it for years to come.  Give us a call today to start your landscape journey.